Spiral Wells Price List

Wells – Price list (February 2017)

Please note that there has been a slight increase in the delivery cost as shown  on previous price lists.

We regret that the additional cost is unavoidable as we have to pass on the charge from the carrier.


We have just received a new consignment of Spiral Wells from our supplier in USA and are pleased to say that we have been able to maintain the same price for any current orders placed with us as we have done for the last two years. Although the exchange rate with the dollar was not favorable to us when purchasing them, we have decided that the differences in price would be absorbed by The Rotary Club of Exmouth & District and not passed on to other Rotary Clubs.

It is always worth e-mailing to check the current stock situation as we currents have a large number of Rotary Clubs throughout the UK that are considering using the Spiral Well as a significant fundraiser for the club.