Youth Service

Youth Service Policy 2016/17

We look forward to building on these firm foundations developed over the year and will work closely with Exmouth Community College and other local schools in  order  to set up another Rotakids and an Interact club.

We will also continue to develop the educational programmes that supplement the Curricula in primary schools and colleges in the area.

A} Kite design

B} Dictionaries for life

C} Mock interviews.

In line with the Youth Service Audit we will look to participate in a number of programmes with District support and in which we have a record of success. These include .

A} Youth speaks

B} Young chef

C} Young musician

D} Young Photographer

We will review other programmes as they arise.

There is an amazing pool of talent in Exmouth and district and we will seek to offer support wherever possible

Youth Service is our investment in the future and we will enthusiastically support it over the next twelve months

Linda Wilson

20th June 2016


Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews take place annually for sixth form pupils from Exmouth Community College  and for students of Bicton College.   The students appreciate the opportunity to test their skills at interview and to build experience.

Youth Service Team – Mission 


To empower our Youth Service through recognizing the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, involvement in community and international service projects, and e-programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

Youth Service is our club investment in the future. We will build on the success of our predecessors and continue to shape that future from 1st July


  1. To continue to improve our partnership with Exmouth Raleigh and establish a Rotakids project in one of our primary schools
  2. To initiate and develop an Interact team in Exmouth Community College using the experience of co-opted club Rotarians
  3. Develop and present educational programmes that supplement the curricula in our primary schools and colleges in partnership with club projects
    1. Kite design, build and flight
    2. Encyclopaedia
    3. Mock interviews
    4. Programmes with District support, in which we have a record of success
      1. Young Chef
      2. Youth Speaks
      3. Young Musician
      4. Young Writer
      5. Young Photographer
      6. Sport
      7. To review requests for club support financial or otherwise which support our mission.
      8. To review possibilities for Youth Exchange
      9. And, of course, realise the College Summer Cabaret


Success  and publicity for our club with enjoyment from fellowship, friendship and fun.